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PIXELJUICE is design from germany.
Good design is no nice-to-have,
it is a must-have.

PIXELJUICE is buyable.
If you have the content,
PIXELJUICE turns it into "beauty".

But there is more to it than beauty.
Of course it is about "appeal".
But also about brand recognition.
And above all - about usability.

PIXELJUICE offers experience.
PIXELJUICE comes with longtime
experience from numerous projects,
digital and non-digital.
It lets you focus on the important things.

You need excellent Design?
See above: PIXELJUICE is buyable.
Buy here.

Yummy raw material.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), german philosopher and mathematician.
Functional design with focus on usability and clarity.
What to expect?
- Sensible and easy to understand concepts.
- Usability, clarity and easy overview.
- Focus on the essence.
- Easily recognisable.
- Functionality.

You would like to know
what PIXELJUICE can do for you?
Ask here.
A small selection of earned decorations.

The following list contains some examples of my graphic and creative work.

It contains both private and
commercial projects that have been
developed in collaboration with
several agencies and companies.
All mentioned companies have been
responsible for the development and
supervision of the respective project.

dark sun
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot dark sun Logo
k60 / Schörgenhummer & Partner
Screenshot k60 Logo
IUGB Kongress 2005
Logodesign / Webdesign
Screenshot IUGB 2005 Logo
Connect IT.Systems
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot Connect IT.Systems Logo
Schwartauer Werke
Webdesign Backwelt 2003
Webdesign 2000-2004
Screenshot Corny-Website
wenz life club
Layout of several content pages
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Schwartauer Werke
Webdesign Corporate-Site 1999 + 2001
Schwartau Corporate-Site seit 2001
acute business coaching
Webdesign / Concept
Helm van Hahm & Heik the Kid
Webdesign / Concept
Verlag Artforum
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot book on architecture
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot party-flyer
Connect IT.Systems
Business papers
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot Connect business papers
Kraftfeld Neue Medien
Screenshot KNM image-brochure
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